Statistics in our community show that there are as many as 75 to 100 children who could be helped annually by the KARE Crisis Nursery.

A stay in the KARE Crisis Nursery can go far in preventing involvement in the County or Court systems. Intervention at the earliest stages of stress can prevent child abuse and/or neglect while assisting parents at times when they have nowhere else to turn.

Since 1999, Child Protective Services has received calls involving 5,200 children, with 1,700 in the age group that KARE could help.
-CPS Statistics 1999-2002


Children from birth to age 5 constituted 33.33% of the new referrals received during January 2000.
-CPS Report February 2000

Child abuse referrals climbed 17.4% over 1999 with the greatest increase of 72.9% in emotional abuse.
-United Way Community Assessment 2001

Medical professional and child development specialists have concluded that the most important years in a young child's life occur between birth and age 3.

The KARE Crisis Nursery is an important option during these precious and formative years.


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