"June 2006 I received a referral for the crisis care nursery while living in a Domestic Violence Shelter, Placer County. A social worker gave me the number so that I could have some help with child care for my 3 toddler girls, so that I could look for a job. In doing so the staff at crisis care provided me with a support system of referrals. I finally found a job, and with 'no money' I needed child care. My need for support felt overwhelming. Once again the crisis care nursery assisted me in watching my 3 toddlers so I could go to work. They kept my confidentiality. At this time in my career I was vulnerable, insecure, scared. I had no family support, community support accept crisis care nursery.

Please if your safety is at risk, your needing recovery, you need a break respite care, sleep, time to organize your life in a crisis, please call crisis care nursery."

-anonymous KARE mom

"I feel that my children are safe and nurtured when they are at KARE."


"When my husband went to jail, I suddenly became the single parent to four young children.  I was overwhelmed!  I needed support to be able to accomplish my daily tasks.  That is when a friend told me about the KARE Crisis Nursery.  They have given me respite care for my children and myself.  It helps so much just to know that they are there if I need them."

-anonymous KARE mom

"I got sick and didn't have any help. My mom can only take the kids for a couple of hours at a time, so I was really frantic. My doctor told me about KARE, and they jumped right in and kept my kids safe so I had time to take care of myself and recover without worry."


"I was able to make a lot of progress at Hope House because I didn't have to worry about my little girl at KARE and could concentrate on getting better."


KARE Crisis Nursery Inc.
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