1)   Question  Will my children be taken from me if I bring them to the KARE Crisis Nursery?
Answer: Our purpose, first and foremost, is to do all we can to help prevent child abuse and/or neglect BEFORE it happens. We are here to provide respite to the parents/caregivers, and shelter and nurturing to the children. We are here to do all we can to help families. That being said however, we are all mandated reporters and must report any abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services. This very rarely happens.

2)   Question  If I bring my children to KARE, will people think I'm a "bad parent"?
Answer: Absolutely not! It can be very difficult and humbling to ask for help. It shows great love for your child and the desire to do the right thing for them.

3)   Question  What do you consider a crisis?
Answer: The families who use our services define the "crisis". The Nursery does prioritize crisis situations and/or emergencies in order to always be responsive to the "crisis" that has the highest risk to the child.

4)   Question How often can parents use the Nursery?
Answer: for 24 hour crisis care, parents can use the Nursery for up to 30 days. For Emergency Day Care, 30 times in a 6 month period is allowed.

5)   Question How does the Staff handle children when they "act out"?
Answer: The Nursery has trained Staff to utilize positive, accepting, non-shaming methods to re-direct the child's attention and provide alternatives to unacceptable behavior patterns. These methods are also shared with parents.

6)   Question What do you do if you feel that it is not safe for the children to go home with the parents when they come to pick up their children?
Answer: If the Senior Child Care Worker is concerned when a parent comes to pick up the child, they will approach the parent with their concerns and offer a longer stay for the parent to take care of the difficulty. If the child is not being abused or neglected, we must release the child into the parent's custody.

7)   Question Where do you get the funding to support your program?
Answer: The KARE Crisis Nursery has a very diverse budget with each area being vital to our entire budget. Our funding comes from various grants, contracts, organizations, clubs, businesses, faith communities, fundraising and private donations, including our beloved KARE Partners.

8)   Question How do families hear about you?
Answer: Families hear about the Nursery through word of mouth, referrals from other agencies, resource publications, hospitals and medical professionals, public media, outreach programs and fundraisers. KARE also has brochures and posters throughout the community.

9)   Question How do you know parents aren't abusing your services?
Answer: Although the Nursery feels that we would always "err on the side of the child", if a parent tried to abuse our services, our Executive Staff is well trained to ask the right questions. If we feel that a parent is trying to abuse our services, we meet with them to help them find more appropriate services.


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